[blog] Emwearz's Sister is Hot!
Emwearz has a really sexy sister. She's an up and coming model, and would like to do some promo shoots wearing a specially made PCSX2 t-shirt and her favorite white thong.

However we've run into a snag, emwearz doesn't want his sister doing such photo shoots, especially when they would be wet t-shirt and highly provocative (think FHM / Maxim style). Hence we need you the viewer!!!

Edit: Forgive CKemu,it's that time of the month again...(and don't edit my edits!)

PM EMWEARZ via the NGemu forums here with the subject "Hey emwearz, is your sister single?", if he receives enough of these PM's he has promised to let his sister do this photo shoot!

PS: This is a joke, to wind one of our good buddies up...feel free to PM him though Wink (she is hot)

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