dark cloud 2 recommended config
hello guys

this is my config
CPU: GSDX 1650 800x600 60ghz,logZ,allow-8bit texture on, FBA on,native on
CPU: default
Speedhack:1.5x cycle rate,INTC hack on,IOPx2 on, status flag on

i can run Dark cloud 2 on 30-39fps, what should i change for me to get a higher fps?

btw here's my system
e5200 2,5ghz
2gb ram
4670 ati 512mb

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First of all,download the latest beta and use it.

Use the 1873 gsdx version(it's with the new beta).You should use the gsdx sss3 version(i think your cpu supports it,see the console for further deatails).Use dx10 hardware for vista or dx9 hardware for xp.In resolution option have please select.Remove native.In D3D internal res set the resolution you like.

At cpu settings enable mtgs,eerec,vu0rec and vu1rec.Set the frame limiting to limit and have the skip frames when slower than at 45.

From speedhacks use 1.5x cycle rate,intc sync hack,enable iop x2 cycle rate and status flag hack.

Now you should get 40-50 fps all the time.
weird, but when i trying to use the latest gsdx it says d3dx11_42.dll? whats the problem do i need to update my DX?
Just run dxwebsetup.exe from ms dx webpage.
dx10 is not showing up when using the latest rev T_T
what windows do you have?i have vista home premium and i can see both of them.
im using windows xp/vista home premium dual boot.
When you say it doesn't appear,you mean that you have pressed the config button?Because you should first press it and in the gsdx config dialog box it should be there.
i just reformat my computer, i remove the xp and just use windows vista but still no DX10 on the menu...

[Image: gfgfgf.th.jpg]
Install the latest Ati drivers for your graphics card. Also install the latest DirectX redist
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