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Oh. Sorry I didn't know.
Is there already a newer version than 1.5?

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(09-21-2011, 08:05 PM)Nexxxus Wrote: uhh are you sure?
PCSX1 and PCSX2 are two different emus with different plugins o.O
So it won't work if you put both emus in one folder.

GSdx and LilyPad work in both ;p
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so does PadSSSPSX
PadSSSPSX? That is one ridiculous acronym I wouldn't like to say every day.

Well, it's not like it's really difficult to just download PCSX so as I said, a simple question with a simple answer. I just keep myself from downloading anything I don't have to, that's all Tongue
use psxfin or epsxe

if not, pcsx-r with eternalspu or if you're anal about guassian interpolation on audio, the latest peopspu dev build
(09-22-2011, 07:02 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: GSdx and LilyPad work in both ;p

not with the latest SVN i downloaded 0.1.14 and then GSDX worked with ePSXe !

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