diagonal movement problem in kingdom hearts
i have been having an annoying issue with my wired xbox360 controller. i have used it with final fantasy x and other games with no problems but with kingdom hearts when i push the left stick to move diagonally, it slows me down from a run to a walk. im using lilypad 11.0 and pcsx2 1.0.
in an action game like this it can be a deadly issue not being able to move full speed diagonally, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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We're aware of this and there's a patch to xpad available already. Will commit it once tested.
Until then try adjusting the axis sensitivity in Lilypad as suggested here:
There's a zip in that Issue that includes a build of xpad I think. Try with that xpad or with Pokopom and check the diagonal movement.
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thanks guys. i fixed the problem by setting all the x and y movements for the left stick's sensitivity to about 9. this fixed the issue but it does sometimes cause sora to run straight down or up when pushing diagonally, but its rare and not a big problem.
9?? You only need about 1.38 Tongue
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9 ?! And I was so careful so as to not lose analog movement... =_="
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