does graphic ram affect Pcsx2 performance?
Graphic Cards, either red or green have various size and types of graphic ram.. 256mb, 512mb, 1gb, 1.5gb, 2gb and even 4gb.. DDR2, DDR3 and DDR5

1. Does the bigger the size of graphic ram, the better performance for Pcsx2?

2. Does the newer the type of DDR, gives more speed to pcsx2?

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1)the size of the memory the more the merrier meaning that if you have a graphic card with 1Gb memory you can select resolutions upto 4xNative go ahead of that and the game will slowdown.
But if you can afford one with more than 1Gb of memory you can set high resolutions easily.

2)Basically from what I understand DDR3 and DDR5 are the newer types and they give great performance.

Try to choose from the newer series:
ATI Radeon HD as you call it "RED" 5xxx or 6xxx are the new ones.
Nvidia (the "GREEN"ones) Geforce GT4xx or 5xx.
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1) Some Games depend on Graphics more than CPU. Such games require the graphics card to have a good amount of RAM, good capacity etc. More RAM, less chances of crashing.

Speedy42 Wrote:the size of the memory the more the merrier meaning that if you have a graphic card with 1Gb memory you can select resolutions upto 4xNative go ahead of that and the game will slowdown.

Its not always necessary that more, ram, more resolutions. Some games even with best cards and very high ram, are not able to play all ps2 games at full speed.But yes, with higher ram, setting to a higher resolution prevents crasing of emulator or the Operating System.

2) DDR is based on the no. of pins and the transfer rate of data in the Graphics Card. So, a DDR3, or a GDDR5 will give a good amount of improvement in the performance as the data transfer will be faster.
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Memory speed is way more important than VRAM. You can have a card with 3GB VRAM and it would get dominated by a faster 1GB card. If you want to know what card is good just look at the second number in the name. Closer to 9 the better
1) Yes, some games have bad memory leaks that would lead to crashes on a lower Vram, but it depends on wetter you have those games or not, also a very slow 1GB card wn't be able to use that extra ram to good advantage while a fast 512mb card would be best when it doesn't use more than that 512MB. The difference between 1GB and 2GB (on the same card) is minimal at best.

2) It depends on the bus too... a GDDR5 128bit card can be slower than GDDR3 256bit (of course a GDDR5 384bit bus would beat the rest and DDR2 64bit is pathetic Tongue2).

You know... it's better to try to find what's the best card you can get for the money you're willing to expend Tongue2
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Thanks for all the replies, i am going to buy new graphic card sometime this september.. So, i ask that questions to help me choose between radeon hd6950 1gb or radeon hd 6950 2gb.

Thanks to you guys, i am definitely choose hd 6950 2gb, but i'm wondering if my standard 500w PSU would be enough to power up the GC..
For a HD6950 2GB I'd recommend a 750+ PSU just to be safe... It depends on your CPU too, a 6+ Core CPU will likely eat 150w of these aprox, and the new GPU's are beasts when it come to power usage.

However, I'd be worse if you had 2 of these GPU's Tongue
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I'm using Core 2 Quad Q8400 OC'ed to 3.2 ghz, does it eat a lot of watts?

Hmm..this mean i have to spend more to upgrade my rig. What brand you guys would recommend?
I don't want very expensive PSU, just enough to power up 1 HD6950 2GB when i installed in my pc..
750W is overkill, you should be just fine with 600W. As for 1GB vs 2GB, I'd say 1GB is enough if your screen resolution is 1080p. If it's 2560*1600 get the 2GB
More ram is good for future, i definitely go for HD 6950 2GB since 1GB Vs 2GB is not far away on price and almost HD 6950 2GB (not custom PCB) can be shader unclocked to become HD 6970 class.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.

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