.dot hack gu vol 1 shadow issues
I am having issues in .dot hack gu vol 1 where when I turn the resolution scale on anything above normal native it causes characters and environment objects have weird shadows. They are not exactly shadows. Its like I am seeing multiples of of the character or object which each clone getting lighter.
[Image: d0XKnjX.jpg]

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Had that problem for a long time too, i ended up playing at native resolution, if anyone knows how to fix this they will do us a great favor
Try the half offset hack
Or maybe skipdraw (1..10) to potentially completely remove that and other effect. Buf half pixel offset is a better starting point.
I have tried both the half pixel offset and the skipdraw (0-100 1 by 1) and a combination of both to no avail, also played around a lot in the plugin settings but the only fix found is to leave native resolution.

P.S.: Tried to change even renderer from OGL to DX9 and 11, same thing

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You can't remove it but you can make it less visible by using OpenGL and playing with the TC Offset X and Y
Without using custom resolution (can still use all the native increments such as 2x,4x,6x,8x) and without any kind of hack i managed to get the ghosting away, for some reason i had to totally close the emulator and reopen it to see the effect, changing the settings while having the emulator paused wasn't enough (cannot confirm with savestates, i reloaded the game from memory card)

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Why does your plugin settings window look so different from mine?
[Image: 5OwVCq0.png]
Because he is using newer version(beta)not the plugins that came with pcsx2 1.2.1
A new version is due soon, please wait a couple of days.

By the way, the new openGL renderer can emulate better a couple of depth effect (shadows) for this game.

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