editing grandia 3 game saves
i am trying to edit grandia 3 save data to include hect into my party. the problem is if i change anything at all, the game will not load. is there anyway around this?

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Grandia 3 is super sensitive to anything that involves messing with the game/saves, including cheat codes.

The only way around it would be to just do it via memory editing like cheat engine, or make a pnach code. (assuming that char can be used as playable char at all in the first place, I don't remember anymore).
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If I remember correctly,I think I added Miranda long time ago but the problem is,her level didn't go up above certain level and she didn't get any new abilities(she was really weak compared to the other characters and she was dying really easily against higher level enemys)

Also I may be thinking about some other game but if it was this game,playing as non playable characters resulted in something bad

PS.Don't ask me about a code,I don't have a way to give you a code(the game is here but the laptop I'm currently using for a while can barely run the bios at 10fps)
yes  i figured the only way is to do it in real time via cheat engine. the problem is i don't know how to use it. the method i have been using is comparing 2 save data files, one with the character and one without. i don't know how to do this in cheat engine... can someone help me out with this? also would hacking save states bypass this problem? and yes the character is playable.. my goal was to get miranda and hect from the start of the game
can someone respond im having alot of trouble with this.

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