emulator crashes after djose temple FFX
Hi Guys

I am new to this forum and would be very helpful for any advise you could give me on how to solve my problem.

Basically I have the 2.09.06 version as I understand it of the emulator. As yuna leaves djose temple for the first time on FFX it crashes every time in exactly the same place, I have used two legit FFX disks with no change so am forced to conclude that it is a software problem (probably plugin related).

My Specs are as follows:

Q6600 @3.6GHz
4.00GB RAM
2x 1Gb 4870 ATI GPU (crossfire overclocked by 20%)
2.25 Tb HDD space.

If you could recommend anything I would be greatly appreciate it.

Best regards

Alex Eales

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using the new PCSX2? use micro VU, I hear that passes it (I haven't run across the problem, soI can't say for 100% it works, just repeating what I've seen)
If you haven't turned on 'Clamp Mode' in Advanced Settings to 'Normal' for both the EE and VU Recs, do that now.

Hope that helps a bit Smile
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known issue with the latest stable pcsx2. use a later beta revision to avoid this and the "al bhed home" crash later.
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Clamp mode is on normal.could you send me a link to this new beta revision? I thought i had all the latest stuff. Thanks in advance

Alex Eales

It's a sticky in this same section, please try searching next time :P
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I will, im new to this forum and wasn't sure where to find stuff, thanks again i will try this
It works, you guys are awesome thankyou very much

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