error 2: the system cannot find the file specified
My emu is not running my patch file correctly it just keeps giving me the error. The patch is correct for the game.

I've enabled cheats and enable host filesystem

I've unticked "Hide extensions for known files type"

After hours and hours on the forums I ran out and and asking for assistance.

What do?

Thanks in advance.

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you dont need host filesystem for cheats.

can you post the cheat here?, also telling us the game and region (serial number too) would be handy
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The game is Final Fantasy 12
(cdrom0:\SLUS_209.63;1) Game CRC = 0x0779FBDB

gametitle=Final Fantasy XII [SLUS_209.63] (U) [0779FBDB]

//comment=CodeBreaker MasterCode

//Have All Spells

//comment=Enemies Drop More Loot

//comment=Max LP Gained (After Battle)

//Always Full Action Gauge

//comment=6?x Exp Gained (After Battle)

//comment=4x Exp Gained (After Battle)

//comment=2x Exp Gained (After Battle)

//comment=8x LP Gained (After Battle)

//comment=4x LP Gained (After Battle)

//comment=Vaan codes all good status

//comment=Ashe codes all good status

//comment=Fran codes all good status

//comment=Baltier codes all good status

//comment=Penelo codes all good status

//comment=Bash codes all good status

//comment=chocobo infinite time and sprints

//comment=all gambits

//comment=100% Successful Steal Rate Always On

//Have All Treasure Chests = Their Rarest Loot/Items/etc.

//Sell 1 item to get 99 of it

//Quick Chain-Level Gain Always On

//Alle Skills (select drücken?)

//comment=Break Damage Limit for 9999+ Damage
wow thats a lot of cheats.

firstly id make sure each individual cheat works before sticking them all on.

also i believe all the addresses should start with 2
for example
would be

Not 100% sure on that, but im sure someone who actually uses cheats will be able to confirm. im sure none of the addresses should start with 0 however (pcsx2 thing, not codes being wrong)
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error 2: the system cannot find the file specified is ususally occurs because of either corruption or damage to the registry or device driver conflicts. Some other causes might be:
Hardware problems
Virus Infection
Software Corruption
The System cannot find specified file
To what refraction said:
The first number in the adress is actually pointing to code type, 0 means it's just writing a byte lenght of value, through 0 there and a "word" near it is wrong;P, couse it's like telling 2 opposite things. I guess the type, here "word" is more important and the first letter of adress is used only with "extended" type soo althrough looking awfully wrong the codes would still work as planned seeing they do patch value of 4 bytes length, ofc that's only about formatting;O, never used cheats as pnach file in FFXII to even have idea how they should look like.

@Op, if you're having some registry problem as pointed by above post, maybe just try running pcsx2 in portable version. Any SVN version is working like that by default, you can force normal version into portable one by creating a file(empty one;P, just create a txt file and rename it including extenshion) called "portable.ini" inside pcsx2 directory. If you would make your version portable as I suggested, you would also want to copy your data like saves, screenshots, ini files, bios etc. from "C:\Users\username\Documents\PCSX2" to your newly made portable version directory;3.

In case you have some system problems, it's also not too wise having pcsx2 directory in "program files" or user data like ie desktop, if you do keep it in any strange windows directory like that move it into a normal directory for example directly on your main partition like "c:\pcsx2\" or alike.

Anyway if anything else fails(or just start from that if you care about cheating more than solving your problem) for this game you can simply use rich FFXII editor instead of pnach files, it can edit save games, but it also can work as a trainer for pcsx2 and allow you to edit pretty much everything easily in XII with a nice interface.
Miseru99: huh? I mean the first number of the address....
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Yeah, and I replied to that;P. First number of the adress in ps2 codes is code type for example 0xxxxxxx means the code will patch 1 byte, 1xxxxxxx means the code will patch 2 bytes, 2xxxxxxx means it'll patch 4 bytes, 4xxxxxxx is multi-line/condensed code, 9/Fxxxxxxx are master code etc.;P It still applies to pnach format exactly same way.

Frankly when I first got into ps2 cheats I was also awfully confused(1 number of adress is what? Code type? WTF?), best to catch it, is to read something like this, I dunno whole list of code types working in pnach files, but the basic ones I listed above do work for sure, using them commonly.
miseru99: Your PM inbox is full. I'd appreciate your help. Sorry for OT Smile

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