eyetoy camera
I am using pcsx2-v1.7.2172 on Windows 10. I'm trying to play eyetoy 3. I got the camera to work by using obs as virtual camera to output to 320x240p (otherwise the camera would look weird, like in this thread: https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Eyetoy-p...-distorted). The camera works correctly now (I can see myself), but I'm still unable to choose any option in the menu. I move my hands to select something and the borders of the icons become just partly green without ever going all the way (which would select the option).

Any solution?

After doing some more testing, it seems the game is not detecting enough movement to select an option. I used a joystick to select the game mode instead.
I think just like in the other thread linked above, the problem is obs virtual camera is slower than an "actual camera" so to speak. Even in-game my character is clearly moving slower than he should, some minigames are unplayable (like the military one, the character refuses to run, while others like volleyball are playable). Are there alternative virtual cameras/other solutions (I do not think my camera supports 320x240 resolution natively)?

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