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game specific configurations.
i'm gonna start putting my configurations for games in this thread.

I use an AMD graphics card, as well as a 4k display, so im always trying to make the game play at the best possible quality with the least amount of resources. thats why a lot of the time I try to use DX11 as much as possible over Open GL.. if i cannot get something working correctly, like shadows or some other feature I usually resort to Open GL but Open GL is a resource hog compared to DX11 so i will 9 times out of 10 take DX11 because i can crank up the visual fidelity farther than with Open GL.

if you don't have the v1.5.0 build i suggest you download it. there are a ton of improvements over 1.4  and a lot of games just work with little added effort.  I get a little picky and i try to go in a tweak the settings because i don't like playing with no shadows or some other graphical glitches. so when i find something that works and makes it look nicer than just a default start up I try to add it here.

i'll update this list as regularly as i can. i'll try and do a couple a week. i won't go in any particular order. i've been bad about this lately, but i'll still be editing this post as time goes on.

FF12 IZA  camera control fix.   ( just rename file to .lily   from .txt   go to controller settings and load bindings.... select any kind of file and load this one.. now the camera works fine.  reset to defualts when when you want to play another game, or else the controlls for the right stick will be messed up.

.txt   ff12 camera controls.txt.txt (Size: 10,09 KB / Downloads: 73)




Final Fantasy XII international zodiac


God of war 2


ace combat 4


soul caliber 3


Amplitude   (always boot full, never boot fast  fixes hang at loading screen, any config is good)

Crash of titans


Blood Will Tell  (must play black and white tutorial in software mode, after that look at configuration)




CASTLEVANIA LAMENT OF INNOCENCE (i've provided 2 configurations. open gl gives you shadows.  DX11 does not give shadows but might be faster on your system.  both configurations need shade boost brightness set to 100. if don't know where it is look at Castlevania lament of innocence dx11 pic for reference


Garfield Lasagna World Tour


Grandia 3


twisted metal black  (4k  cause it's easy and it runs on toasters)


Tekken 5


Jak and Daxter precursor legacy (no shadows but working eyes)  must boot while in software render mode. switch to dx11 once the title screen is up


ICO  (make sure under emulation settings VUs that you restore defaults if you changed any of those settings in the past)

.png   ico configuration.png (Size: 1,66 MB / Downloads: 109)

Grand Turismo 4  (once you start the game make sure you go into screen options inside the actual video game and change the display to settings to 1080p)

.png   GT4 config.png (Size: 1,78 MB / Downloads: 119)

Echo the Dolphin  ( you need build number 1.4.0 and you need to BOOT FULL )


step 1:    make sure you have render settings set to OPENGL software

      step 2:   
.jpg   echo step 2.jpg (Size: 409,85 KB / Downloads: 97)

      step 3: boot full   ( once it loads wait till the main menu and make a quick save with the F1 button ) ( now you can boot the game by loading with the F3 key)

      step 4: optional.....   boot into the game with the F3 key and change the rendering options to look like:

.jpg   echo config step 3.jpg (Size: 452,63 KB / Downloads: 117)

Attached Files
.jpg   echo config step 1.jpg (Size: 361,46 KB / Downloads: 89)

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