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game specific configurations.
i'm gonna start putting my configurations for games in this thread.

i'll update this list as regularly as i can. i'll try and do a couple a week. i won't go in any particular order.

Final Fantasy XII international zodiac
God of war 2
ace combat 4
soul caliber 3
Amplitude   (always boot full, never boot fast  fixes hang at loading screen, any config is good)

Crash of titans
Blood Will Tell  (must play black and white tutorial in software mode, after that look at configuration)
CASTLEVANIA LAMENT OF INNOCENCE (i've provided 2 configurations. open gl gives you shadows.  DX11 does not give shadows but might be faster on your system.  both configurations need shade boost brightness set to 100. if don't know where it is look at Castlevania lament of innocence dx11 pic for reference
Garfield Lasagna World Tour
Grandia 3
twisted metal black  (4k  cause it's easy and it runs on toasters)
Tekken 5
Jak and Daxter precursor legacy (no shadows but working eyes)  must boot while in software render mode. switch to dx11 once the title screen is up

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