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ok i have alot of questions, first, is the native frame rate for ALL games 60 fps for ntsc?

second, is there a way to get a really steady fps of 60, my problem isn't getting there, its keeping it still, my question is how do i keep the fps from jumping around more than 5 fps at most from 60?

is running a ps2 rom at 60 fps heavier on a pc than playing say.. crysis 2 or some other recent pc game?

if there's not a way to keep the frame rate steady, is there a way to make the audio smoother?

do you have to exit and run it again after you make changes to the options?

is running the game at ahigher resolution more tasking on a pc? (stupid question but im curious)

is there a recommended plug in set up i should be using? im using an asus G53SX-XA1

is there a way to save the settings for each game individually?


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Yup all NTSC = 60 fps, PAL = 50 fps.

Nope, cannot force a steady full fps, if your hardware is fast enough to run the game at full speed, those few fps jumping around aren't really doing anything I guess.

PS2 rom?;P It's not really a rom, but if you mean ps2 game that highly depend on that game, some are very non demanding and will run on almost anything, others will lag on stock speed of best available cpu's and require OC top end hardware.

Audio can be set in SPU2-X config to async mix, which will potentially break some games, will break timings when your game lags for sure, but will not change sounds/music speed when you get laggy.

Not really, when you change the options just press OK and resume/run the game if it paused or something.

Recommended plugin sets? Default.;] I'm completely lazy to check what's that asus thing, probably a laptop, generally if it have new intel icore cpu you can change GSdx to SSE4 or AVX in svn versions, if that has amd cpu it'll not work anyway except new fx cpu's which should have SSE4, but are awfully slow anyway.;3

Save settings for each game? No problem, use loader from this thread.

Edit - oh forgot about this one:
Increasing internal res in GSdx will make the game more heavy on the gpu(using native internal res is fastest), but changing display resolution for window or using full screen(alt+enter or double click the window) doesn't make it heavier/lighter in any way.

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