getting the elf file to work right
I'm trying to play Batman - Rise of the Sun Tzu. I extracted the ISO, and extracted that SLUS file as .elf. It will act like it's going to load the game, but when it does, all I get is a black screen. Am I not doing something right?

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And what exactly did you extracted the ISO?
i used magiciso its in a folder marked 'game.'

the files in the folder are


it was SLUS_207.09

EDIT* I changed the filename to SLUS_207.09.ELF, still no dice.
The ISO is the game, it's not meant to be opened up and stuff extracted.

Select the ISO CD/DVD plugin in PCSX2, point it at the ISO file, and away you go.
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The game isn't exactly on a disc...
You must leave it as an ISO file. PS2 games use sector-exact file positioning for the GAMEDATA, so it only works if the complete ISO ripped properly and left intact.
(12-19-2009, 07:23 PM)nickmacaulay Wrote: The game isn't exactly on a disc...

Oh, that's a shame. Downloading games is a no-no and violates our very explicit forum rules. You're on your own. Thread closed.
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