guncon 2 USB joystick
Hello, I am trying to use the Namco guncon 2 to play games on my Macbook pro laptop like a simple controller (without using the aiming features, just the d-pad and buttons) is there any driver or plugin that anyone has made that could turn my guncon 2 into a normal usb controller?


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PS2 lightguns rely on the television having scanlines (like the old CRT's), unless you have a CRT monitor (unlikely) this will never work.

As far as i know there are no plugins that can use genuine lightguns on PCSX2 apart from this one

however it will still be a lightgun, you will never use it as a normal controller.
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You were right, I never got the Guncon 2 to get recognized by my computer, but what about the slightly more compatible EMS TOP GUN 3 which even has a driver for os x. I read somewhere that blender (the software I am trying to get this gun controller to cooperate with) only accepts HID game controllers as joysticks for its game engine. Yet the LED on the usb RF receiver indicates it is communicating with the gun device. I am wondering if these Light Gun for PC drivers essentially make a mouse out of your gun (which could serve as a different type of controller for the Blender game engine), or would I have to send this signal to Blender 2.66 via python scripting? There are still options to try, but very little time...

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