Nuvee - PS1/PS2 input plugin supporting lightguns by Shalma
This is a relatively new input plugin, developed by Shalma. It supports USB mice and lightguns. The package attached has both the PS1 and PS2 plugins, their sources and a special PCSX2 build with some USB modifications (which we hope will be soon integrated in our SVN repository after review).
To use it with PCSX2, just copy the nuvee_ps2_pad.dll or nuvee_ps2_usb.dll, found in the bin folders, in your plugins directory and follow the instructions in the readmes

I'll just copy the info found on Shalma's original thread now:

A win32 ps1 / ps2 controller plugin that provides basic lightweight emulation
- Dual PSX Mouse (PS1)
- Dual PSX Guncon (PS1)

- Dual G-Con 45 (PS2)
- Dual Guncon 2 (PS2)
- Dual Mouse (PS2)
- Single keyboard (PS2)

- Dual mice (USB + Serial)
- Dual PC lightgun
- Single keyboard
- WiiMote (DirectInput)

For use with win32 emulators like
- PCSX-reloaded (cmdline = lightgun build only)

- PCSX-reloaded (any)
- PCSX2 (any = pad plugin)

- PCSX2-svn (usb plugin)
- PCSX2-usb (usb plugin)

- 10-21-11 Other misc stuff
- 10-21-11 Upgrade RES2 to working (latest PCSX2 SVN)
- 10-21-11 Create Resident Evil Survivor 2 Guncon2 profile
- 10-21-11 Fix more stuff (USB mouse poll rate, USB keyboard poll, misc emulation)
- 10-21-11 Fix lots of stuff (alt-tab focus, snap cursor, PC lightgun + mouse, other regressions)
- 10-21-11 Support joystick devices (PPJoy or else)
- 10-13-11 Add DirectInput (WiiMote)
- 10-13-11 (PS2) Improve game profile list
- 10-13-11 (PS2) Improve device reset speed (Gunfighter 2 timeout)
- 10-13-11 (PS2) Fix device connection order (not both at same time)
- 10-13-11 (PS2) Improve lightgun swap feature
- 10-13-11 (PS1) Improve Rescue Shot no flash
- 09-25-11 Add cmdline features to PCSXr-lightgun (gameshark_load, spu_plugin, gpu_plugin, cdr_plugin)
- 09-25-11 Add PEC cheats for gun flash removal
- 09-25-11 Add default profiles reset option in GUI
- 09-25-11 Fix Moorhuhn hacks for PC lightguns
- 09-25-11 Add Policenauts Guncon conversion
- 09-02-11 Add PS1 Justifier conversion patches
- 08-21-11 Add mouse, keyboard usb emulation
- 08-19-11 Add C button to keyboard map
- 08-19-11 Fix lightgun swapping
- 08-19-11 Add profile: Endgame
- 08-19-11 Add hotplugging usb devices, hotswapping devices
- 08-18-11 Add profiles: Starsky & Hutch, Gunfighter 2
- 08-18-11 Add profiles: Dead Aim, Dino Stalker, Gunvari Collection
- 08-18-11 Add keyboard d-pad, extra guncon2 buttons, latch guncon2 near VBlank times (fixes trigger)
- 08-17-11 Added PS2 game profiles
- 08-17-11 Added PS2 Guncon 2 support (PCSX2)
- 08-15-11 Added USB OHCI support
- 08-07-11 Added several PS2 G-Con 45 profiles
- 08-07-11 Added PS2 G-Con 45 support (PCSX2)
- 08-07-11 Made nuvee emu-independent (RawInput changes)
- 08-07-11 Added Moorhuhn 2/3 profiles, fixed Moorhuhn X profile (delete old profiles.ini)
- 07-24-11 Release 1
- 07-24-11 Rewrote Guncon engine, game presets, default file, lots of fixes (huge thanks killervin, paubi)
- 07-05-11 Lots of fixes to PC lightgun support (thanks killervin, paubi)
- 07-01-11 True dual mouse support, fix lightgun trigger holding bug
- 06-30-11 RawInput API by Jake Stookey, True dual lightgun support (custom pcsx-r emu only), GUI sensitivity
- 06-29-11 Guncon - hide cursor, allow 0.000001 sensitivity (edit via ini)
- 05-28-11 Guncon calibration / offscreen shots
- 05-26-11 Add basic guncon support
- 05-25-11 Add basic mouse 43,45,46,47,4c / fix 2x mouse errors / fix mouse1 unplugged error
- 05-25-11 Mouse support (directinput)

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.7z   nuvee_10-21-11.7z (Size: 2,19 MB / Downloads: 58.075)
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Ooh new plugin! Awesome xD
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Yeah... new... Tongue2
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That's a simple and straightforward description by Bositman. Smile

Wasn't expecting nuvee to evolve into a real project - originally designed to be a sandbox tool.

It's nice to contribute something non-ps1 related for once.

(Continuation from ngemu - pcsx2 stuff)

It only took 2 lines to add USB support to PCSX2 r4600. I'm still not sure if that's a valid way to do it - but it worked out okay with my testers. :lol:

Thankfully it works with SVN I'm told. Please take whatever you need though - for USBnull or anything else.

At the time, only Resident Evil Survivor 2 wouldn't work with the Guncon 2 + r4600. Game would keep 'resetting' the device it seemed from USB logs. Never figured out why. But Guncon 1 works with the game so I let it slide.

The WiiMouse behavior is unusual to me. This is a special debugging build:
- Please set PC Mouse to port1
- Please set WiiMouse to port2
- Will capture guncon2 buttons, motion, output
- Should create "guncon2-debug.txt"

My current understanding is that DInput is mapping both mice to 'SysMouse'. But WiiMouse cursor is always sitting at (0,0).

If you could also make another log with WiiMouse (port2) + None (port1), that would help too. Doesn't make sense why WiiMouse doesn't work alone.

I also require your inis\nuvee_ps2_usb_guncon1.ini + inis\nuvee_ps2_usb_guncon2.ini files
- That should show if they are mapped to the same GUID (likely SysMouse then)
- Please do this with both devices acquired (PC Mouse = Port1, WiiMouse = Port2)

My users have made their own requests which I can't perform without the help of a PCSX2 developer. 'Backburner' requests:

1) Plugin cmdline support

This would apply to PAD, USB, SPU, GPU, (..). For the arcade cabinet people.

The Win32 cmdline is passed to the plugin via a CALLBACK of your choice. Nuvee would chop up the line and take what it needs.

ex. pcsx2 -nuvee_usb_port1 guncon2 -nuvee_guncon2_profile1 dino_stalker -nuvee_usb_port2 none

ex, pcsx2 -nuvee_usb_port1 mouse -nuvee_usb_port2 none
(for Silent Scope series)

2) Lightgun cursors

Pete made a PS1 callback which draws his own custom colored crosshairs:
gpuCursor( player 1-8, x = 0-511, y = 0-255 )
(PS2 would need a larger x,y though)

He maps the coordinates to the current gpu window size. There's currently no way to hide the cursor though once it's drawn (-1,-1) clips to (0,0).

Makes it easier for dual mouse lightgun users (windows cursor only shows up once on XP + RawInput). And I have a PC lightgun user who likes having dual aiming markers.

These are just requests for consideration. Wink

Thanks for sharing your time!
Thx bositman to report plugin and thx Shalma for this !

Cmdline support would be cool!
Hey shalma, nice to see you joining here and welcome Smile I changed your user group to Plugin Author. All this lightgun talk makes me want to buy one and try it out Tongue
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I'm too tempted about it Tongue2.
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(10-15-2011, 11:32 AM)Bositman Wrote: Hey shalma, nice to see you joining here and welcome Smile I changed your user group to Plugin Author. All this lightgun talk makes me want to buy one and try it out Tongue

Thanks for the welcome and the upgrade. Smile

I was going to get 2 lightguns but some of my users have informed that EMS TopGuns can be some unreliable with production quality. So I have to do more research about buying first. :lol:

I think I read a changelog where refraction fixed the FWNull to work with Silent Scope 2 (my tester said the game didn't boot with r4600-usb whereas Unreal Tournament did work). I'll have to find him again and ask to test it out with SVN (and RES2 again).

Police 24/7 was a no-go (triggered a trap exception on boot). Need to ask him about that too (game uses USB mouse).

Guess I'll poke around the SVN and ask about some stuff we've learned from PS1 development that's not in PCSX2.
Welcome to the PCSX2 forums, Shalma. Your plugin is exactly what light gun fans have been waiting for!

As for the WiiMouse issue, The Toid was kind enough to reply to my inquiries. He stated that, "In the default mode for WiiMouse it emulates mouse input by sharing the cursor with the mouse itself, with multiple WiiMotes it does this by quickly moving the system mouse cursor between the multiple wiimotes (which works wonders for normal windows emulation but will not work with multiple players in games because as far as the game is concerned its all coming from the one device)." He also mentions that, "If you wish to use the Mouse and WiiMouse at the same time for seperate players in any game or emulator you will need to use the PP Joystick [mode.]"

So, if I understand this correctly, either WiiMouse needs multiple mice support, or a PPJoy pipeline would have to be implemented into Nuvee. Otherwise, the WiiMote won't be a usable option as a light gun in PCSX2.

I asked The Toid if he would be able to implement the multiple mouse inputs in WiiMouse. I'll await his reply.

EDIT: I received a reply from The Toid. Concerning adding multiple mice support, The Toid stated that, "i looked into it, and found out that without 2 physical devices attached this method wont work without custom drivers for a mouse." He says that, at this time, he has no intention of adding that kind of support for WiiMouse. If a PPJoy pipeline is implemented into Nuvee, The Toid explains, then "this will support an unlimited (well 10 or so) wiimotes at once."

As an additional note, if a PPJoy pipeline is implemented, it would also allow users to make use of the Nunchuck for movement in games like Dino Stalker and Resident Evil: Dead Aim. The question is, how hard is it to implement a PPJoy pipeline into Nuvee?
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Did a quick test with Dirge of Cerberus (Nuvee - mouse + keyboard) worked pretty good when the game ran full speed though the mouse did feel alittle slow, hopefully one day the plugin will work with the pcsx2 svn builds without needing modification Smile

anyways good work nice to see new plugins being developed for both psx and ps2 emulators.

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