i couldnt find a guide for the new plugins that comes with this new version of pcsk2 and if there is i apologize....i was just wondering if anyone could help to config the pcsx2 for having a smooth speed and dunno if at least i can have 50 are my specs

N vidia GeForce 8200M G 256 Mb
windows vista 32 bit OS
processor AMD Turion dual core RM 70 2.0 GHz

i already downloaded an AMD processor optimizer from the AMD website
pcsx2 specs

MTGS selected
on speedhacks i selected the "speed" option
advanced options are default
gamefixes there is none selected
graphic is Gsdx 872m (SSE2) 0.1.12 and config is default
sound is SPU2Ghz playground 1.9.0 and config is on default

like this some games runs at 20-25 FPS like yu gi oh eternal duelist soul
and some of them in 3-10 FPS like saint seiya the hades

havent tried on final fantasy X or the kingdom hearts but i dont expect a good result.....plz help if theres anything to improve more the speed or if its better to use a diff graphic plugin or sound plugin plz help!!

thx inadvance

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Since you're using AMD, and pcsx2 is made to run best on Intel dual cores, dont expect to run a lot of games at around full speed.
And not only is it a problem that it's AMD, its only 2 Ghz which is low for pcsx2 anyways.
The emulator being CPU dependant, expect only being able to play 2d games like Disgaea at full speed =/
Ur ram=good, graphics=ok, and at least u can get DX 10 with vista

Other than that:
-keep the options 'Flush to Zero and Denormals are Zero' under EE Recs in the advanced window (same with VU Recs if it doesnt break ur game)
-check the EE sync hack (Also the other 5 options above it if u want, though they are minor speed ups and can mess up some games)
-check all options in CPU config and keep Limit on (use VU skip if too slow)

Those are the best things i can think of to help you with speed, you can also try ur luck with the other sync hacks, which sometimes dont speed it up at all. BTW ur plugins the newest/best right now.
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thx man its actually running the same speed as the one i posted above, thx anyway. If its better for me a diff graphic plugin plz someone let me know thx
since this topic name maths to my problem, i just use this to ask my question, instead of creating new one Tongue
can anyone tell me where in code i need to change something, to make special game fix be always active for all games?
i looked into some code files that have this fixes like bool GSC_suikoden(... and etc, also where the array of game names fills and etc, but still not found that place, where decides what game fix to apply after reading game crc Tongue
i want to edit gsdx, not interested in other plug-ins
There should actually be a file amongst the GSDX source that's pretty much called "special game fixes" or something like that... it's been over a year since I last modified it... It's literally just a file containing the game CRC with a set of numbers indicating which speed hacks to have enabled, give me a second and I'll try and pinpoint it for you.

(edit) File is called GSCrc.cpp
thanks, i saw this file also, but did not understand how i can get game CRCs and convert it into hex code like that: {0x1CC39DBD, SuikodenTactics, US, 0}
1cc39dbd is 482581949 in decimal wich for sure can't be common slus or sles-1234. maybe i completely wrong and CRC isn't game code at all. so i asked for a way to apply this fix GSC_SuikodenTactics to any game that running, without knowing it's CRC. but if you can explain how to get game crc (tell a function name that can calc it or etc) for sure it preferable way Tongue

thanks for your attempts to help
CRC is an algorithm to calculate and verify file (or any data chunk actually) integrity. It is not arbitrarily given. "Cyclic Redundancy Check"

As it represents well the file, like a finger print, it can be used to reference the file unambiguously. PCSX2 console prints it just a few lines after the highlighted

(SYSTEM.CNF)... line, look for it there.

As far as I know, the option for speedhacks exist in the games database file but is not yet implemented. Notice the game fix is implemented already and so, marking the "Enable Patches" under the system menu is a sound idea.

Good luck.
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ok Tongue
i found crc that i need to add, so no problems anymore Laugh
thanks alot!
one more question without creating new topics Tongue

Does zzogl need to be compiled with some special ways?
after compiling it in latest revisions i getting such errors in log. this plug-in right in D:\pcsx2_r4505\plugins, but for strange reason it doesn't apperas in plug-in list.
[wx] Failed to load shared library 'D:\pcsx2_r4505\plugins\ZZOgl.dll' (error 126: module not found.)
Path: D:\pcsx2_r4505\plugins\ZZOgl.dll
File is not a valid dynamic library.
Some kinda plugin failure: D:\pcsx2_r4505\plugins\ZZOgl.dll

vista x86
compiled in vs2008
feb dx sdk
Not sure if still needed but check if you have the stuff mentioned in the first post in the ZZOgl thread:
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