help DBZ bodukai 3
Help Dragon ball budokai 3 NOT tenkaichi
i have a problem, that game strats normaly, but after i strat new game or continue, it's getting dark ingame and never continue to the to setting please???? i'm newbie...please help

the screen must be like this,
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=15750]

but it getting dark, and stopped, i think a got bad iso, but i just had my new iso and it still have same problem..

my desktop:
core i 5 3.20 ghz
ati radeon 5700
ram 2 gb

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Post some more details, pcsx2 version, plugins you use? If it's something old or you have it from some unofficial source, get official stable release from here. The game is working more or less flawlesly in default settings and on your system you shouldn't have any problems with speed either. If you feel that you have a bad iso, try making it with imgburn.
ok, i just use PCSX2 0.9.8, just with recomended setting, i'm still newbie so don't understand to use other what's wrong with this? or DBZ bodukai 3 has any other versions?
Well the thing is, this game works just fine without setting anything special and doesn't even need hackfixes. I can only imagine it doesn't want to load couse bad rip(iso), bad bios dump, some badly working cheats or some manual game fix activated while it shouldn't be.

Soo firstly start your game, after it freezes upload your emulog.txt(should be inside C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\PCSX2\logs) and maybe we'll see what happens with it.

a bit retarded, maybe ?

No further support for a game you downloaded

warnded again and closed again
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