help me to make cheat
I try to understand how to create cheat for pcsx2, yet i get nothing. Here they tell me

gametitle=GAME NAME
comment=Anything you want
// Describe what the code is

but where can i get those XXXXXXX and YYYYYYY code...

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I'm slightly confused couse your post in other thread;3, do you have problems making cheats to work or you're trying to learn how to create cheats from nothing?

From this post you seem to be interested into learning how to create cheats. sooo...
Basically the first number xxxxxxxx is an adress in memory, the second number yyyyyyyy is a value you freeze in that adress. To create own cheats you basically need a tool to search through game memory and some experience in using it. Cheat Engine is one of the most advanced yet still user friendly tools like that for pc, it has built-in tutorial which passing would allow you to find simple cheats in many p2 games without any trouble it also has a rich database of tutorials and examples on CE forums. Finding cheats for ps2 games doesn't differ to finding cheats for pc games except you cannot really use pointers, but as a positive side the ps2 games memory range is practically limited from 20000000 to 21ffffff and most of the games doesn't have any anti-cheat protection meaning it's really easy to create cheats for it especially in compare to pc games.
But it's not that easy to find value example like health or magic....I don't know their value so hard to find. I use CE too and every game mostly

Hey if you know how to create cheat please teach me too. and I hope you know the cheat for Ghost Rider
It will be easy if you gain some experience, it can probably be seen as impossible when you don't have it yet.

Well let's assume the game doesn't have any advanced anti-cheating system and you have a health/magic bar. How to find the adress the game stores the value for health/magic?

Firstly start by opening pcsx2 in CE and limiting search range in CE from 20000000 to 21ffffff to not waste time searching through whole memory.

I'm bad at tutoring I guess, but basically you should always start from most obvious/easiest ideas, yet having mind opened for trying different things whenever you fail.

And here's a tip - by default CE makes a search of values 4 bytes long, if your hp/mp can reach very high values in hundreds of thousands you're ok with such search, but more commonly the value is lower:
Byte stores numbers from 0x00 to 0xFF which is basically 0-255 if your hp is inside this range, you should rather set value type as byte.

2 bytes stores from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF which in decimal is 0-65535 search for it if your hp/mp is between this range.
4 bytes - 0x00000000 - 0xFFFFFFFF, dec - 0-4294967295, althrough the higher value type you search for the less results you'll get, you can miss the aresses you wish to find, soo you should always search the lowest range that suits the value you seek.

Also not always number is stored as integer, it can as well be stored as float(and often does), sometimes through the number shown is ONLY to make it easier to understand while the game stores it in completely unknown way, then you should search starting from unknown value, and continue for changed values when your hp/mp changes, remembering that just becouse visually it decreases in game doesn't matter the value decreases as well, it can be opposite.

Remember to actually modify the value of your health/mana in game before continuing your search, and continue untill you find an adress which changing value of changes your desired value in game.

Sometimes it's much easier and usually way safer to actually find values for items and give yourself countless potions instead of freezing hp/mp or instead modifing your max health add items which permanently increase your health.

You generally need experience and that comes with time, you can check existing codes to make it easier for yourself, to memorize the ways games store their data as it's often very similar.

Let's look for example at that SoD code for infinite hp:
//Infinite Health

0x43480000 seems a huge number yeah? If you convert it to decimal you would get 1128792064, but does it really stores hp as integer? If you convert the same hex to float you get 200.000000, that seems much more reasonable, soo like you see this game for sure as we found it out from working code made by someone already is storing the health value as FLOAT. Search for float and you'll easily find it with Cheat Engine on your own. Reverse some other codes to gain at least a bit of experience to see that it wasn't really soo hard.

For the Ghost Rider I don't have the game and lazy to do it in your place, but google is your friend;3, just search for "Ghost Rider ps2 codebreaker" or "Ghost Rider ps2 armax", eventually "Ghost Rider ps2 gameshark" and one of those should give you some results with ready codes as codebreaker/armax/gameshark are most popular cheating engines for ps2. Then just use a program like "omniconvert" to change the codes from whatever format they were(you must select proper input/output in the program;]) to raw/unencrypted which are usable in pcsx2 or even inside CE.
ok thank I will try....Very thank

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