help! my select button wont work on pcsx2 1.0.0
Up to this point I have had no problems, runs a little slow when there's a lot to render on screen, but aside from that nothing substantial playing persona 3, but i started playing shin meg ten nocturne and i need to press select to open my menu, but the key i set to select wont work, I've changed it over and over but the problem persists even after numerous restarts, has anyone else encountered this problem or know how to fix it?

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In order to get support you need to use the latest PCSX2
Are you sure the key is "Select" for "Open menu"
According to gamefaq,the key for that is Square

Outside of Battle
Select - Enables / Disables 1st person mode *
* Possible only on a NG +.
Square - Menu

In Battle
Select - Enables / Disables the command description / skills

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