help, why is my game lagging even though i have high specs....
hi im trying to run games like xenosaga I or III on pcx2 0.9.6 (also tried the beta 9.7 which also lags but less lag by a decent margin) but there is considerable lagging that happens when i play the game (the cut scenes seem to work fine though)

my comp specs are
intel R core i5 cpu (2.80 ghz)
4gb mem
win 7
nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti

my settings for the pcx2 i believe are quite standard but i am starting to think that i might be doing something wrong since the game is lagging....

when i run it seems that my that the gs is under 60% when it lags but the EE is like 99%-100% which means it is my cpu but at the sametime none of my 4 cores for pc is close to 100% usage (1 goes maybe near 60%) I've tried tinkering with frame skipping but it doesn't seem to help much at all.

my graphics setting is at
GSdx 890 (MSVC 15.00 SSSE3) 0.1.14
1920x1080 ghx resolution
direct3D9 (hardware)
pixelshader 3.0
aspect ratio 4:3
text filter/log z/alpha correction (fba) is check marked
and i'm using native for internal resolution

my cpu settings are:
standard i didn't touch anything
everything is checked marked:
Multi Threaded GS mode

normal for frame limiting (have tinkered with frame skipping but doesn't seem to help much)

any help would be greatly appreciated thxs

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use dx10? you have win 7 and a DX11 card (I think it'sdx11, it supports dx10 for sure)
Heavy games. You will need a higher CPU clock for these. Having anything more than 2 cores hardly helps, but a clock rate exceeding 3.0Ghz, or even 3.5Ghz, will make a big difference here.

Stick with 0.9.7. And why not use SSE4? If you can't overclock, stick to using Speedhacks to increase speed. Good choice on using native resolution, but your GPU should be able to handle a little better. I suggest you work on that after you get full speed, though. Smile
ill try over clocking later but is there a reason why the none of my cpu cores are near 100% when EE is at 100% with some lag? and if i over clock to higher speeds will it use the additional resources available to make the game go faster or will it only use a part of the available reasources like be4? (when it lags 1 or 2 of the cores are around 60 % usage not 100%)
That's known issue regarding power saving features in general and the CPU turbo feature in special.

To the first, make sure Windows is set to Maximal performance. Look at the "Power Options" under the Windows control panel; "create a power plan" and mark the "High performance" (if it's not there, look with care for the option to show "advanced features" not with this name but you got the meaning).

Sorry, I don't know what can be done on the CPU side to "solve" the problem.

It happens in certain games more than in others and is due to a balance issue between the GS and EE ... it has to do with the turbo taking into account the system as a whole and the average load is low which led it to reduce the clock...

The technical details are a bit complex to explain, but in layman words there is almost nothing the PCSX2 team can do by their part. PS2 is strongly pipelined, the core responsible for the GS processing gets more underloaded which fools the turbo to reduce yet more the CPU clock speed (and so EE becomes yet more overloaded)... and the cycle repeats...

Obs: if GS is low while EE is overloaded, you are seeing the issue pointed above, it has been plaguing i5 and i7 users for a while already. The overall actual cores load being low is a clear symptom it is happening.
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hmm i c, well now that i am finally in high perf mode, one of my core does go like 95% when it lags, i guess that means overclocking is the only option at this point, thxs a lot, its been much help
I'm actually going to start building a PC that will be capable of running everything REAL nice. Including pcsx2.
I was wondering if I should wait for higher Ghz processors though or not.
Is the turbo boost from using an i7 really worth picking it over a way cheaper phenom II? Or better yet does phenom 2 get that turbo boost also?

Basically what I'm looking at is a 3 way sli board for 3D , 3 monitor games on standard PC, but also has enough CPU power to run even Xenosaga and FFXII at full speed.

What would you guys get? Expensive version and cheap versions.

Right now I'm on a phenom 9150e 1.8 quad and a gtx 260 oc (768 mb)
Plays just about any PC games fine with max settings or only slightly under max. FFX is ok but only with speed hacks maxed. Clearly I'm being bottled by my cpu in any case.

I guess essentially what I'm asking ,
would an i7 @ 3.20 ghz run xenosaga full speed (not oc'd) ? What if I did OC it?
How much slower would a 3.20 phenom run it? How much slower would it run if this was OC'd ?
any intel chip will beat the pants off of any amd chip as far as pcsx2 is concerned. For now anyway.
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crap, oh well I heard even though i7's are like triple the price they're tons easier to OC anyway lol.
Guess I'll be shopping thanks Tongue
I'd rather go for a quad core i5 instead of an i7, it's cheaper and might actually be faster without the HT in i7 CPUs causing overhead.
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