help with Valkyrie Profile 2 and Star Ocean 3
I'm running into some trouble with emulation in general (I guess with tri-ace games) because I've been able to play other games fairly well. I'm going to screenshot my config, if you guys wouldn't mind telling me what you think is wrong or could be better, please let me know. Thanks.

Here are my Specs:

This is actual game play speed 9-12fps

I can't view most of the movie sequences they usually freeze (with the option of pressing start to skip the movie). Anyone else have these issues? I thought that I would be fairly okay with a decent setup. If you need more information let me know please. Thanks again.


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Your links are broken...maybe try using photo bucket....?
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get the higher GSdx version...old version like GSdx 890 is slow for that game
you can also try GsDX 0.1.7
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Try with the latest beta:
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Wow, thanks so much. If only I had known it would be that easy just to download the beta >.<
Would've saved a lot of time messing around with settings. Thanks again!
Runs better now, around 45-60fps. I'll try adjusting to get better performance.

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