hi, new to the site, need some help please?
hello, im new to the site, have a friend told me about you guys, i have downloaded the lastest pcsx2 for windows.

im currently running vista 64 bit, 8 gigs ram, 2 nvidia 9800gt cards running in sli (512), intel ™ 2.66 ghz @quad core 9400

for some reason im getting the following errors.

1. [Image: print%201.jpg]

2. [Image: print%202.jpg]

3. [Image: print%203.jpg]

4. [Image: print%204.jpg]

i hope some 1 can lead me a helping hand!, i also wanted to know that with my current specs, would i even be able to run this great app?

i mainly play shooters, and sports, and a few rpg's.

thank you in advance for any help towards this.

edit... also when that config file set up came up when i hit (test) it said it should run properly, i wa stold that on all the config sets ups?

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We just had a thread that had a problem that I think is the same as yours I'll quote myself:

Quote:I'd recommend you backup your Bios and then delete your current PCSX2 folder and start again by installing the uh... installer.

Maybe the rest of the thread will help you too
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1.You have a lot of extremely old plugins that the current pcsx2 version don't support them anymore
2.Most likely your directx is old.Look inside your C:\Windows\system32 directory for those two file...d3dx9_41.dll and d3dx10_41.dll
If you don't have those files there then than means you don't have the newest direct and the both video plugins require it.
You should be able to run most games just fine.
Looks like you downloaded a torrent of PCSX2 that included bios (yes,it's visible in the top right corner).
What is ironic is you coming back here,asking for our support,to fix the problems of the pirated 'PCSX2 pack' you downloaded.
Respect our work and download the actual official packs before coming back in the official forum seeking for support.
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