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hi there guys, i have a question about game speed
There are some confusing information in above posts.

The sliders are present on 0.97, the presets are newer on 0.98.

Still they aren't to be abused, actually what the OP is experimenting seems to be the laggy behavior due to skipping too much "action" in exchange for a few more FPS. That's right, in a way is like sampling more times frames where less things change in between the actual pictures.

Better is keeping those sliders near the central point (some games might not like even this little) and attempting some other resource, like frameskipping. The OP should attempt the several means to get all the performance possible with the lesser "evil". Just remember, the lesser you need to use some hack, the better. Sometimes it may be better to accept a little lag than overall low FPS, it's a matter of "feeling" too.

PS: One the most wrongly understood "option" is the 59.94 (NTSC) and 50 (PAL) defaults. How common is people increasing those values expecting to gain a few more FPS when in fact they are changing what PS2 expect to be the FPS to reach (actually it is the TV standard refresh rate but does not matter to understand the issue here). So, if pushing NTSC to 80 what is really being done is telling the game is to be played at 80 FPS to be "correct" (from the internal timers standpoint)... too much if the emulator barely is getting 50 FPS....

Luckily those sets can't be easily changed anymore on 0.98 Smile
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(05-21-2011, 10:27 AM)MyDreamName Wrote: I have no experience with that game, but it has been listed as playable since version 0.9.6 on the compatibility list, so it should be fine.

i said it wrong before, it should be dynasty warriors 5 empires, not 4. unfortunately 0.98 couldnt run this game properly like 0.97 didSad
There was content in this post.

Anyways, if you're still having difficulties, post a bug report.
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after i used gsdx sse4 r3878, and change some setting on speedhacks and VUs, the game runs with normal speed, although the sound is still abit weird, but as long as its not soo bad, it should be ok. thanks guys

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