hotkey for speed hacks
hi there,i want to make a suggestion,could u guys please add hotkeys for speed hacks? like... at least for VU cycle steal , because it causes audio-out-of-sync-with-video in many games cutscenes,however,it runs very well during the gameplay itself ( exemple : grandia 3,xenosaga,etc) .

Like in grandia 3,i have to enable VU cycle steal to 1 to have full speed in battles,but then i have to disable it during cutscenes to prevent audio-out-of-sync-with-video,and it would be VERY helpfull for the user to be able to enable/disable VU cycle steal instantly with hotkeys during emulation.

PS: sorry if this isnt the right place to post this,this is actually my first post in the forums.

edit: the hotkeys for speed hack would also help when using 3x EE cycle rate hack,to turn it off during FMVs to prevent choppy audio and then re-turning it on during normal gameplay by simply hiting the hotkey

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No I have never heard of hotkeys for speedhacks. Tongue
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(11-30-2011, 12:42 PM)recoder Wrote: No I have never heard of hotkeys for speedhacks. Tongue

i know they dont exist just suggesting the developers to implement them in the emulator
bump....hope the developers see this
I would be interested in database that holds know fixes for game glitchs and all that, that is applied to said games like if a game needs skipdraw/ Alpha /offset hack and so on, if the game is ran it knows this runs it, or a database that lists this which game need which to render right or fix certain graphic glitch

I know the emulator has an automatic gamefixes option but i never found that to work, and when ever I play FFX i need to manual pick the cut scene fix for it to work
Its probably a good idea to keep suggestions all in one place, so best post it here
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