how can i use codes in the new beta 9.7?
i have been trying to figure out how to use ar, arm, cb, and game shark codes with the new beta 9.7 and i haven't found squat. any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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The same way you did with 0.9.6, but instead of putting the patch files in /patches you put them in /cheats and check 'enable cheats' on the GUI.
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oh, sweet and simple, thanks!
oh, sweet and simple, thanks! also a response coming from someone as important as you is really cool, thanks.
i got my pnach all set to go but when i looked in my pcsx2 0.9.7 folder i couldn't find a cheats folder, do i need to make it? i tried reinstalling it too. oh, and if i do need to make the folder will it need to go into a subfolder within /pcsx2 0.9.7?

I found a post explaining the need to create the cheats folder and where, sorry, for anyone who is looking for an answer to the same question here's the link.
Good initiative to put out a solution found for the thread issue or pointing to it, kudos. More people should learn from that Smile

Once the pnach files are in the new "cheats" folder you still need to enable it in the GUI, but that should be clear by now.
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Huh... that's weird, the binary download comes with the cheats folder and a .pnach file but the installer doesn't...

I thought it was only extra plugins that came with the binary Tongue2
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i think thats because a slightly modded binary is easier to make than a new installer.
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