how to configure pcsx2 to use ps3 controller?
i already have it all set-up with motioninjoy

but i tried to configure it on pcsx2 and im lost..

also here are my pc specs if you can recommend me good settings to play smoothly.

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Here link to post with similar problem ( ). Read it all.

And I'm not very good at telling setting from specs, but I think that your processor is way too weak ( ).
Use one of the Playstation two profiles, have you pressed the pink bar saying 'enable' near the bottom of the window? And performed a vibration test? Is your problem that PCSX2 is not assigning any buttons in the LilyPad set up?

Edit: Your current system specs will struggle to play intensive games at a good speed. You might be able to run the less intensive 2d games reasonably well, but your CPU and GPU won't perform that well.

Use all the recommended speed hacks though, make sure you're playing in native resolution, and allow 8-bit textures. Although you don't have a quad core processor, you may see a performance improvement from using the MTVU hack.
If configuring the PS3 controller is proving to be too frustrating, try buying or borrowing an Xbox360 controller; they're less of a hassle to deal with than PS3 controllers. Sony never intended them to be used for PC programs.
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You could also skip Motion in Joy entirely, and use LibUSB.
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