i have a question
why did you people not coding a tool for pcsx2 to cheat like that one in psx i think that tool name was psx emulation cheater because i remember that tool was great and run fine with out any problemCool

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And what are the problem with the Patch Finder.
BTW someone correct me if I'm wrong(maybe I'm mistaking) but wasn't there before a dialog in which you can enable/disable(check box for every cheat)the cheats and for every cheat you have name.It was on 0.9.5/4 or 2 or maybe some modded version but I'm 99% sure that it's not the last one
follow this guide:

I rewrote it, should help some Smile
ok i know all that and i read them all even redelfo way put my point is just get the gameshark from web site and add them because now cheat some time make pcsx2 crash and i would like to find unknown value not value i know it
patches aren't perfect, but you can't really switch games on PCSX2 without some trouble.
that ok to me thanks to you all

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