.img files
Ia there a way to get .img files to work? i tried converting it into and i.iso file but it wont work

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just take your original PS2 DVD and use imgburn (www.imgburn.com) to convert it to iso
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atleast try to just rename to .iso. and this is the *corrected* link >>> imgburn
As far as I know only Alcohol .mdf file format can be directly renamed to .iso, although I am not sure in case of copy protected .mdf with subchannel data and the like.
Mount with Daemon Tools or Virtual CloneDrive. Rip the virtual drive to ISO or set CDVD plugin to virtual drive letter.
Linuzappz ISO support .img images but you have to switch to plugin mode(CDVD=>Plugin)and choose it from Config=>Plugin\Bios Selector=>CDVD=>Linuzappz ISO

The question is,are you really trying to run .img image(which normally contains 3 files...ccd,img and sub and maybe cue)or you are trying to run some small file from inside the disk with .img extension(start with IOP and have .img extension)
Maybe you're right, vsub.

All emulators boot a copy of the game media. PCSX2 boots PS2 game discs. PCSX2 menu itself has "Boot CDVD" and "Iso Selector" items. I really don't understand what makes they think they have to extract the ISO and run a .img file inside. Glare

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