impossible blend => please read this thread
I would like to test some capabilities of opengl. I'm searching a gs dump to reproduce easily the hardware glitch when some impossibles blending are used.

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The only game I have with me right now that causes that is GTA San Andreas. When first loading a save, the log shows "Impossible blend for D3D: (Cd - Cs) * 128 >> 7 + Cd". I am using OpenGL. I'm not sure if the gs dump includes it, since it only happens once during a black screen.
there is also quiet a few games in DX that have that same error, i been told it dont mean effect anything
Currently opengl and dx have the same behavior. I think the blending effect is only compiled once so the error message is only print once. Is there any missing effect later on the game.
Hum maybe if you switch the renderer with F9, I think blending effect will be recompiled.
Ok nvm i not getting that error in VP2 any more in either DX11 for OPENGL HW, the UI over lay is missing in VP2 and in game party menu is all screwed up though. I will check if any of ther game i have that had that error is still there.

Note still dont know how to do gd dump and and this in conjugation with using GSDX shader or with out? cause that what i was told that causing this
Not sure if this is related, but there is a significant visual difference between software and hardware opengl

[Image: RUFsHX0.png]

[Image: yDoQWQY.png]
as side not i am using GSdx FX Suite v2.30 preview and not the ones including in GIT builds atlest i dont think 2.30 is included yet, wow nvm none of the games i have rip to iso on my pc that use to have this error show this error anymore wither it DX or OPenGL. I will keep looking
Do you have the same issue in dx? I'm interested on a gs dump (shift+F8)
Yes, I have the same issue with dx and ogl. I've attached gs dumps for directx and opengl software and hardware.

Edit: or at least i thought so. how do attachments work
You need to post it on the web. I think file is too big for the forum.

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