new pcsx2 revision
y the new pcsx2 that they make dont go fast for me and pcsx2 0.9.6 go 60fps and i dont like 0.9.6 becuase it flick too much

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Ummm couse your hardware - guessing mainly gpu - sucks? 0.9.9 is generally faster/lighter or completely the same depending on game - cpu side, but with lots of gsdx fixes it's heavier on the gpu. It should be obvious that you'll have less fps with slow graphic card if improved GSdx draws more stuff.
could i ask that question becuase my warning level just went at 17%
so pcsx2 0.9.6 are like the same as the new revesion
I agree with miseru about the GSDX thing.

That said, keep in mind that new revisions will mostly bring better accuracy. Better accuracy means it'll need more raw power, generally.
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PCSX2 r4600 - stable while PCSX2 r4866 and later are fast thx to multi core support BUT some changes between rev. fix some games at the expense of others so i suggest you use multiple revisions to meet your requirements.

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