.pnach not recognized if it contains foreign characters
I can't vouch for Spanish and such but using Japanese renders the .pnach unrecognizable by pcsx2, regardless of whether they're in the comment line or commented out. Is there any chance of a fix for this? I have dozens of games that need cheats and it would really cut down on the time to create patches if I didn't have to replace every character (the cheat sites are entirely Japanese)

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I guess that's simply happen couse japanese cannot be saved in ascii, and althrough pnach can be edited as text file, it's not really friendly to anything else than the basic stuff.

As a workaround, doesn't google translate or anything else allows a simple change from kana/kanji to romanji? I think it's one of the icons under the place to paste/input text. Would still be japanese(kind of;P), and you could do it more or less automatically.

I'm suprised hearing japanese have alot cheating sites;P I always thought they're hardcores, once I seeked cheats for japanese game(KA2), I could only find official guides(and not really cheap either) and ended creating cheats myself.
Google translation would be fast but the translations are laughable, I don't think I'd know what cheats I was using lol (seriously I've seen it screw up the simplest Japanese sentences)

And yes there's plenty of cheaters, I have almost 10 jp sites for PS2 alone Laugh

Anyway regarding ascii, are you saying that's (edit: not) a problem on pcsx2's end? Because I tried editing and saving the pnach in notepad but pcsx2 still can't recognize it. When I reopen the file the kanji are still there..

You can hex edit/view any text saved in unicode and compare it to working pnach file to see what I mean, basically unicode stores a character in wider range than plain ascii(2 bytes instead of 1) and pcsx2 see the wider range as empty characters and doesn't recognize the patch in it. Soo the problem isn't really a japanese sign in the file, but rather a changed coding which changes the patch lines too. It probably wouldn't be much bother to make it pcsx2 read unicode, but not sure about making it work with both to not make currently working pnach files unusable;P. Gotta check the code for that.

Edit: what a boomer ;3, my theory fails, I mean pcsx2 does work with unicode pnach files too without a problem and it doesn't matter at all that I put there a japanese, korean, chinese or other "strange bushes and circles";P. If it doesn't work for you, you're probably using some more advanced text editor which add's some richer formatting. Try good plain, simple notepad and save your japanese as unicode it should work(well it works for me). The sad part was I tried to find why it doesn't work before I actually tested that it works ok >.< ...
Sweet.. saving in unicode with notepad did the trick! I was using pcsx2ce to save it, so I guess maybe I can bother the author to implement unicode properly lol Or just rename the extensions and re-save... Thanks for the help

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