red dead revolver blur
Everything at a distance is blurry, and when I look closely, it looks like it is rendered twice, as you can see on the flag :
[Image: flagblur.png]
I've tried many dirrerent gsdx settings, but nothing changed.
I'm using PCSX2 1.5.0-dev-3133

My specs :
CPU : i5-6600k
GPU : gtx 1070
RAM : 16Go DDR4 2133Mhz

Is there a way to fix this ?

Also a weird thing : the game seems to run much faster with accurate blending set to ultra although it is supposed to be slow ?

Edit : I've set the resolution to 3x native

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Isn't the blur there too on software mode and ps2 hardware? If so then this isn't an issue.
Actually you're right, this blurry effect is also present on ps2 (but it's hard to notice because of the low res). I thought it was a bug because it was not present on some previous build, but maybe it was this build that had a bug. I guess the only way to play the game without this effect is on ps4, but I don't own one Sad
It looks similar to Genji blur ghosting. Blur is present on software mode, but not doubled. Setting Half-pixel Offset to Special (Texture) will probably help a little.
I've tried this already, and it makes things slightly worse
Oh, really. That's a pity. So it is one of these not fixable now and no plan to fix Hardware mode quirks.
Even if it would look a lot better without that blur present at all, PCSX2 development seems to focus on implementing all PS2 effects. As long as it looks properly in Software mode, Hardware mode is ignored completely even if effect is broken, making a game to actually look worse. I may be wrong here.

Would it be an option to add new HW Hack to let users disable this kind of blur in games easily? As there is a PCSX2 version without that blur, maybe it's possible to find out which new feature implemented it. Skipdraw may have a value that disables it, but I think you can't disable two effects at once if their values are not one after another. So if i disabled bloom which was skipdraw 2 2, I wouldn't be able to disable blur if it is anything other than skipdraw 2 3. Right? I already see a no answer, because looking at newer builds I assume removing, not adding, HW hacks is a goal.
It could certainly be added back to the Aggressive CRC hack preset, if someone is willing to accept that it's not properly implemented yet (cause it's clearly not, from the screenshots I've seen). The end goal is to get the blur working properly and remove the hack, yes, but personal opinion is until it's actually working correctly it should stick around as an Aggressive option.
Hmm, CRC Hacks. I've never changed that setting from Automatic (Default) to anything else. As I understand it, these CRC hacks are per game, so it would be more work to implement than HW Hacks. Guessing here of course. Said that ghosting blur in Red Dead Revolver and ghosting blur in Genji can be a totally different effects, right? I wonder on which PCSX2 build Red Dead Revolver's blur wasn't present. I didn't try Genji on older builds, so not sure if it's only on newer ones or was it present for quite some time already. bubs450, do you remember which build of PCSX2 it was without that blur present?

Is there a list of what CRC hacks for specific games are actually still present and what is on what level? Some file inside emulator? One that is understandable for end users? 

Off topic:
Also I think Genji NTSC-J is not in emulator CRC database.
After a discussion I re added the crc hack for the blur effect to aggressive state back, also what is the crc id for Genji ntsc-j?
Sorry, that was probably my mistake. Other games show same thing in emulog at first. Just in case GENJI CRC: B4776FC1.

Hmm... Here you wrote that Red Dead Revolver blur ghosting is intended, but in case of Genji (Software) it definitely does not have any ghosting present. Genji (Software) Genji (Hardware). I'm sorry for dragging in my Genji talk again.

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