remote connect
hey i have a question i want to be able to play pcsx2 plugged into a tv my pcsx2 pc is a tower pc so can i remote connect from say a laptop to my pcsx2 pc and play pcsx2?

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you cannot remote connect an application like this from another pc to play it. the lag alone would kill you. (try typing on a netepad or firefox via remote assistance, you have to already be sure of what you're typing. try doing that with a game, at least 6 seconds behind)
well see its not network lag when i try to play pcsx2 like this it jumps down to 20 - 30 fps when i un connect it goes back up to 60 fps :\
you're connecting the desktop to the TV? I think I mistook what you were asking.
Im trying to connect a laptop to my TV and through that laptop i want to remote connect to my pcsx2 pc which is only a few inches away in the next room and play a game
lag will still be a HUGE factor, trust me
well if we remove the lag factor I'm just asking why pcsx2 is behaving this way
Things are each time more unclear since I read this thread for the first time. I fear PCSX2 is understanding less yet what you are trying to do, hence it's behavior...
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is there a fix
simple answer: no, not with the imformation you have given us. wll of text it, don't care be accurately describe the problem, from the very beginning

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