save files for okami and pcsx2?
Save state at end of game with all 100% completed items and stray beads. I Want to explore some things before starting a new game. Can someone find a link compatible with pcx2?

all i find is .psv and other files not compatible with .p2s!

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How to convert psv to ps2

Put ps2 files on memory card with mymc
can someone do it for me and send me the .ps2 files with the save in .zip or something? i dont even know where to start i have no knowledge of this sort of thing i had it a long time ago before where i just saved a save state and then loaded it. but i cant find it anymore its long gone Sad
Come on man, put a little work into it and just read a guide on how to do it. How do you expect someone to help you when you won't even help yourself? Also you didn't include the game save in your post. Tongue Anyway, here's a guide from our very own vsub:

If you're starting off with a .psv file, what you need to do is use PSV Exporter to extract the files contained within it (to your desktop, for example) and then drap & drop all of them into PS2 Save Builder. In PS2 Save Builder's Root/ID section, just type in (or paste) the name of the folder PSV Explorer created. Then save them as one of the formats that mymc can read, like .max or .cbs. Once they're in mymc you can import them inside one of PCSX2's memory cards (.ps2 files) and you're good to go.

If you want, go to GameFAQs and download any of the game saves that are already in .cbs or .max so you can skip the PSV Exporter step. Tongue
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Thats waaaay out of my range of know-how can someone just send a save state or memory card file that already has them? it'd be soo much easier and i'd be able to dive right into okami!
He even explained the process to you and gave you a guide, you won't always get what you want on a silver platter Tongue

Of course it would be much easier if someone else did your work for you, that is true for everything. And of course something like this is out of your know-how range, since you haven't learned how to do it yet, that's the whole point of educating one's self Smile

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