shadow hearts smoke lag
I have shadow hearts working at 60fps almost all the time but when there's a battle with smoke/mist in the background my fps go down to 20-40, it's not to big a problem but it is fairly annoying, any help is appreciated, my specs/settings:

8 cores @2.67ghz
4086mb ram
vista 64
~2293mb video card

pcsx2 settings
cpu-everything checked
advanced options(EE recs)
round mode-nearest
clamp mode-none
denormals are zero
(VU recs)
round mode-chop/zero
calmp mode-none
denormals are zero

Graphics Direct3D10(software)NLOOP hack+tecture filtering are checked
I run it with blend bff on, it runs at 100% without speedhacks but I normally use EE x2 cycle rate in an attempt to fix the smoke lag

everything else is at default

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You could try raising the number of SW red. threads (7 in your case I think) or try getting the newest beta and see if some speedhacks could help.
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i think refraction stated that 2 or 3 sw threads are usually the fastest software mode option, as more will even lower your fps, because of the sync overhead so many threads will create. do you have a special reason for not using the dx10 (hardware) mode?
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Just switch to hardware mode in these battle scenes.

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