star ocean 3 black screen
i need help for star ocean 3: till the end of time. after my battle with dragon bridge captain fox i got 3 cut scene where vendini ship start coming to planet and shooting the dragon and the canon. after the third cut scene which the canon and dragon bridge shooting vendini ship and get shoot back insted my screen become black and can't continue foward. there is no music but the FPS,EE,and GS keep moving. i already try to load back via memory card but didn't work nor when i disable the speed hack as well. please help. i use pcsx 1.0.0 btw.

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Disable all speedhacks and cheats if you used any BEFORE that scene, if you used cheat to save in any location loading such save will not help you, loading savestate either. Generally any longer scene will freeze with speedhacks and most cheats do similar thing, you must first disable them then return to a point before it started.

If you eliminated all of the above and are sure it's not the problem, it could also be badly dumped iso, if you used any other program than Imgburn then redump your iso using it.

This game is very sensitive to all of the above, but it does work from start to end just fine, finished it some time ago(through a bit earlier than 1.0.0;p).
thanks it work. finally i can keep playing this game. since it will suck if i need to redo the game at ps2 again.

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