unsure techincal issues
I just recently got the pcsx2 emulator and ive read up on how to configure it...mostly. I got it working to the point that it starts up the game, showing the sony entertainment logo intro and after the screen goes blank an error comes up saying "pcsx2 0.9.6exe has stopped working". I'm not sure as to why it keeps doing that, but if any1 could help me that would be great.

also, a little side question. Is it possible to use a playstation controller that has a USB plugin as the controller in the emulator, or do i have to buy something different?

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First things first... 0.9.6 is an ancient version, the latest stable version is 0.9.8...

If you're still having problems after installing and setting up 0.9.8, say what error it gives.

(edit) missed your other part... Any controller that works in Windows will work with PCSX2.
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ok, i got the most up-to-date version and installed it. i got it working to the same point i got the last one to, and it does the same thing...just goes blank. There is no error message this time, it just sits there on an empty screen.

and my other question was if i could use a physical ps3 controller, normally used for the console, for the emulator.
PS3 Controller are connected through USB or Bluetooth no?
yes, the one i bought is connected through a USB cable.
Is the controller being seen by your OS?? when u plug it in??
im not entirely sure by what u mean os(im hoping its operating system), and if it is, then yes, it does see it and it already supposedly installed the program information the first time i plugged it in.
now the question is if PCSX sees it Smile if it does onder Devices, then you're all set Smile And yes with OS I meant Operating System Smile
would i have to look under the controller tab and in the plugins section, or where do i look at?
controller Smile

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