wingun driver wingun 82b+ nanco guncon 2 original
I have a problem with the gun settings , move the arrow on the screen but, pull the trigger the flash does but not fire in the emulator.

In mame works perfect, in this emulator have no way to put it to work .

I use the plugin nuvee

if i use another light gun not original, with gun driver guncon2, with smog and if I run , shaking his shot arrow and marked with the same uSB plug .

I purchased four guns Guncon 2 original for my friends and put them to work on their machines .

Apologize for my English , I'm with a tradutor text .

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Wingun is no use for this emulator, you need to use the lightgun supported plugin which you can get here:
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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that's the one I use .
The problem is, when I use the plug with the controller 82b to operate wingun original Nanco guns.

Compatible pistols and smog driver works nuuve plugin.

My problem is that the driver of smog not get well calibrate the original Namco gun ,and have to use the driver wingun this works fine, but with this emulator does not get it to work with this driver .

anyone know how to set the original PS2 Namco guns with driver smog and to calibrate correctly , since the driver of smog apparently works fine .

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