would this pc do it
hello everyone i just bought a new computer and i would be interested if it could play games at a decent speed

My pc specs
XP Professional service pack 3
CPU:intel's dual core @ 3.4 ghz
gpu:Intel's GMA 950 256 MB Vram
supported pixel shaders
Sound Max HD audio chip

i sure hope that the games would run at 25 or 30 fps
"In games you will find peace."

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You seriously bought this just now? It's mostly ancient I'm afraid (Windows XP should tell you as much). Full speed for PS2 games is 50 FPS for PAL and 60 fps for the NTSC region and that PC will probably not be able to even boot any game, let alone run at good speeds. The onboard graphics card does not support pixel shaders 3 which are required from all GS plugins PCSX2 uses...and have been a standard for like 10 years now -_-
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i know man but i tried Gta San andreas on pcsx2 with a GS plugin and got about 25 fps.
Remember the processor is dual core 3.4 ghz only the onboard graphics blocks the speed.
Somewhere i have seen that onboard graphics steal RAM.That slows the computer down.
You say onboard graphics don't support ps 3.0 yes they do Intel's GMA X3500 supports even ps 4.0 and direct x 10
Thanx aniway bositman
"In games you will find peace."
Uh you just listed above that your GMA is Intel's GMA 950 and even listed the pixel shaders it supports (which don't include 3) and now you say you have GMA X3500? Which is it...?
And dual core 3,4 Ghz doesn't say much, if that is a Pentium D it's very slow, if it's a Core 2 Duo it's powerful and if it's a Core i5/i7 (which it isn't just trying to make a point) it's a beast. So again, which is it?
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the GMA X3500 (apart of newer revisions of the Intel Express 965+ chipset, is not the GMA950, which is commonly found on the Intel Express 945 platform.

neither the GPU or the CPU are up for PCSX2.
noo i didn't say i have the 3500 gma i just said that this gma supports 3.0 and 4.0
I'm using a 950 GMA on the 82945G Express chipset
My chipset supports ps 3.0 only over software.
And the processor is dual core not pentium D.The clock speed is stock.I don't want to over clock it because it could fry the motherboard and the processor.
"In games you will find peace."
Pentium D IS dual core (D for dual)...just run this program: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html and tell us what your processor actually is.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Intel ® Dual Core CPU (central processing unit) @ 3.4 GHZ,3.4 GHZ
2 cores with 2 phisycal threads.
as seen in speccy.

That is the cpu info
"In games you will find peace."
cpu-z or don't bother at all.
Even if he did have a core i7, with that crappy IGP it wouldn't do any good.

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