xenosaga episode 1 game not running properly
I'm playing xenosaga episode 1 from my own disc. After numerous difficulties with a black screen, I finally got the start menu to show up. When I hit new game, I just get this weird box with a red arrow in the corner and no sound. I can open the game's setting menu, weirdly enough. but no opening movie or cutscenes are playing. It seems no one else has issues getting the game to at least run the opening, so I can't really even figure out how to begin to fix this. I've seen there are issues with save points, but I can't even get that far.

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use internal iso loader....
using plug-in based ISO loader you will get that screen.
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(04-28-2018, 05:58 AM)smartstrike Wrote: use internal iso loader....
using plug-in based ISO loader you will get that screen.

How do I do that from a disc? I found unless I choose "plug in" while running form a  disc, I get a black screen. I don't have an iso file for this game, just the disc. I'm not very knowledgeable with emulation software. if I change the settings even a bit I get black screen without even getting to the title screen. I was just playing star ocean 3 just fine and I switched the disc to xenosaga and once again I'm having issues just getting to the title screen.
Use ImgBurn to make the image(the process is really simple,you just click the obvious buttons once the program starts)
Also don't use DX11 with this game because you will be missing cutscenes, switch to opengl.
Just downloaded imgburn and making an iso. Thanks for the tip about switching to opengl as well. the iso just got created and it now plays the opening movie. Thanks for all the help

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