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Full Version: http://pcsx2-mac.quant0r.com Down?
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I tried to download PCSX2 for mac, version 0.9.6, but the website is down?
Are there any other links or mirrors to get the latest files?

Thanks. Smile
I have the same problem..
Yesterday I discovered there was a mac version of pcsx2 and I would really love to see this working! So any thoughts on when (if) the website will be up again would be very welcome Smile I can't wait to try this out!

Thanks for helping.
Hmm no idea. I guess we should start having a mirror here over pcsx2.net
(03-20-2010, 06:32 PM)Bositman Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm no idea. I guess we should start having a mirror here over pcsx2.net

Until then, I've put up the latest version of PCSX2 I downloaded at http://speedofmac.com/pcsx2_download.html. I believe it's the most recent Mac version with the most recent plugins included (no bios).
that's really weird, i didn't get any notification whatsoever. I'm investigating this...
I've no idea why it was suspended and i didn't get any explanations but it's up again
Weird Wacko I'll opt for a new tab in our downloads section named "ports" where we could have downloads for the linux and mac ports Smile
Same problem here. Probably you guys could have mirrors on hotfile and rapidshare.
working fine here Wink