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Full Version: Problem with PCSX2 out of nowhere 2
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i had been playing ffxii for a while and decided i wanted to play ffx and play that, cause i like the blitzball.

so i bought ffx today and hadnt turned on the emulator since last week. so i tried to play and for some reason i get a pop up saying pcsx2 needs to be configured, so i click ok.

then i get an error...
ConfigurationTonguecsx2 unable to locate component
application has failed to start because d3d9.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

and anytime i try to configure any plugin i get a crash. same with when i try to run game or execute bios.

so i uninstalled then reinstalled 0.9.6, same problem. so i uninstalled and reinstalled with beta. same problem.

i have re installed my graphics drivers and updated my directx from the link in the forums.

could someone please help.

thanks in advance

edit: i downloaded d3d9.dll cause i didnt have it but get another error about an entry point with ddraw.dll. so when i dwnloaded that i get a kernel 32 error.
you bought FFX and played it in 12 mn.
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