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Full Version: Error with ZZOgl.dll. Latest beta & august plugins.
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Quote:[wx] Failed to load shared library 'E:\Emulators\Playstation 2\BETA\plugins\ZZOgl.dll' (error 126: the specified module could not be found.)
Stream exception: File is not a valid dynamic library.
File/Object: E:\Emulators\Playstation 2\BETA\plugins\ZZOgl.dll

I get this in the console whenever I go to select the Plugins/Bios I intend to use. The file is present in the folder the console states it isn't found in.
Check the first lines of the ZZOgl thread, it's probably that:
Oooh, Okay. I remember that now, thanks.

Edit: You need the 32bit DLL files, just letting others who view this know.