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Full Version: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings very minor bug
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Hello. The Game works perfectly without any bugs at all and perfect FPS on PCSX2 0.9.7 (r3878) with the GSdx and the SPU2-X plugins. The Bug occurs only if I choose not to use the native resolution of the ps2. Check the screenshots to see how it looks with native checked and unchecked. As you can see the graphics are A LOT smoother and better looking with a custom internal res with the exception of the bug. Do you have any idea how (if possible) to fix it? It is not a big deal if it can not be fixed, in this case I'll just use the native resolution but I would prefer better graphics... Thanks in advance!Wink
[Image: ijnativechecked.png]
[Image: ijnativeunchecked.png]
P.S. I forgot to mention that I'm using the NTSC version if it matters...
Some games really dont like a custom resolution. Have you tried the skipdraw hack? Might help otherwise you might be stuck with native.
Try chosing a scaling resolution (2x/3x) and not a custom one, if it's still not fixed try the offset hack in GSdx (hacks subsection in the guide), it's also possible it just won't get fixed right now:
Thanks for the the fast answers. I tried the solutions both separately and simultaneously but it remained the same. Thanks again, if you have any future ideas I'll appreciate them.