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Full Version: Your FFXII settings, setup & performance
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I had some stuttering pre-MTVU hack now it just keeps a steady 60 fps, this is in native mode, it goes down very rarely (as in a few seconds per few hours) when I run it in hi-def, it wouldn't be a big deal to most people but fps is a pet peeve of mine and I prefer fps over resolution regardless of if it's a ridiculously unfair trade in the opinion of a lot of people.

G53S-XA1, GeForce Nvidia GTX 560M.
the emu hangs at tiamat.

what can i do to fix it?
Turn off the hacks and see if you can get past the area?
i deleted the app and extracted the original(4600) and started from there. no go

and i noticed that it happens only when tiamat starts casting aero.
Have you tried running the game in software mode?
no dice either. tried to google this issue, but seems like im the only one....
wow, you just press everything and hope it magically works?

you need to do some research.

first off read the guide: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Official-...ide-v0-9-8

second, tweak setting SLOWLY, until you find what works
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