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Full Version: Quick Question Regarding My Processor
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So I went and read the will PCSX2 work on my PC sticky.
It Recommends as one of the processors i7 @2.66ghz.
So i'm guessing that PCSX2 can't take advantage of
four cores then. This sucks because my i7 is 2.00 ghz.
Edit: Yes, PCSX2 only uses 2 cores on most revisions and even on later revisions (which has the speedhack listed below) it is still 2 cores by default.

Well, while you're most likely still going to be capped on the EE thread, you could probably play more of the lesser-demanding games using r4866 or later and using the speedhack which enables the multi-threaded VU1 (config>Emulation Settings>Speedhacks).

You can get those builds here. Hope it helps!
Wait are those builds you linked me to official?
And will there ever be multicore/thread support? That would
greatly improve performance for many. Or atleast me xD

Edit: I'm on 4600 I download from the official site, so these are
either official builds which are unstable releases or unofficial.

These are official, but unstable builds. If you want stable builds, those are found on this site.

Unfortunately, on the topic of multi-threading, this cannot be readily done with the EE thread; which is most likely your bottleneck with the MVU multi-threading.
0_0 you confused me, I don't know much about how the emu works
I just know turning on certain speedhacks speed things up and others
may not do much or slow things down. I can run Kingdom Hearts and
FFX but Ratchet Gladiator slows down a heap oh and I can run on of
the Dragon Quest games.
The Ratchet and Clank series is incredibly CPU-intensive and doesn't work very well.

As for Kingdom Hearts, FFX, and in general Square games, these aren't very CPU-intensive.

Same with Dragon Quest - one of the least-intensive 3D games.
Starting with revision 4866 a 2ghz i7 is enough to play many games with 60fps. Just tick all the boxes in the speedhacks window except for Fast CDVD.
I think I just need a better PC for PS2 emulation, I rather not using speedhacks. How does your i7 2630QM machine run it?
Thats the processor im using but i can't overclock since im on a
If you can't afford to upgrade, I would recommend using speedhacks; these usually do not break the game and can be reverted if it does - although the VU Cycle Stealing hack may cause false FPS. As for the MVU multi-threading, it offers a huge speedup and very good - and usually in the rare case if something breaks with it, the game just hangs.
Yeah I tried out MVU as a test and Ratchet Gladiator after
the quick tutorial seemed to be running better than ever,
but I can't be sure until I test it against a swarm of enemys.

Technically I can't affor to upgrade right now but PS2 emulation
is the only limit I have hit on this laptop

i7 2630QM @2.00ghz
8GB DDR3 Ram
HD6770M 1GB

So i've never hit any limits until now.
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