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Full Version: Slow mo problem (Okami)
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Decided to give Okami a go again and I'm getting low fps of about 30ish which makes the game play at half speed. I played earlier last year on the same pc with pcsx2 and it ran beautifully.

My specs:
i5 3570 @ 3.4
8gb ram
AMD HD 7870 2gb

Emu settings:
video; GSdx - using DirectX 11 software version (with hardware version I get graphical bugs that colours 90% of the screen in grey blobs)
res is native

Audio SPU2-X default/recommended settings

I'd love to get this working again, gotta get me some nostalgia
Set extra rendering threads in GSdx to 2 or 3.
(09-08-2014, 11:23 PM)Blyss Sarania Wrote: [ -> ]Set extra rendering threads in GSdx to 2 or 3.

I messed with every setting I could see except that one, completely looked over it.. well damn, thanks a lot it worked great