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Full Version: PCSX2 - When Idle -> PC crash
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I'm pretty sure I wasn't using either one of them... My sound is always SPU2-X, and the graphics 90% of the time (and I'm almost certain during the freeze up as well) are GSdx... But, I guess it won't hurt crashing it a few more times... I'll let you know as soon as I find out something useful for a change...
Hello, i'am a newbie in the world of pcsx2 but unfortunatly i have a much bigger problem my pc crashe freez same symptom that vborovic (i have also replug the usb of my mouse after a reboot) but this happen when i load the game sometime few sec after a load sometime i can play like 15 min but everytime my pc freez and i must reboot, i 'll try with my q6600 at stock setting optimal bios setting, with my OC profile 3.2ghz same happen i have try to put some unofficial plugin nothing help i don't get it at all, my pc run on xp sp3 lattest update for my hardware driver my config is:

EP-45 DS4
4gb 8500 CL5 2x2 gskill
a new Z600 cooler
and a 4850 at stock setting

i have only try the pcsx2 0.9.6 i can't believe that we are the two most unlucky person on this earth
I wouldn't say I'm unlucky.. I enjoyed PCSX2 on Tales Of The Abyss, but I'm forcing it to play some other games, and doing extreme plugin testing, so I only get what I deserve... Is your configuration properly configured? As in the Guide specs? This is pretty general question, so I can be specific, but this behavior of yours that isn't fixed (crash at start, crash after a while), would only mean that either the CPu or RAM get overused, and the PC needs to dump id the hard way... If you get Blue Screens Of Death when it freezes, what messages do you have? It should say which service, driver or hardware part made the crash...
i don't get any blue scream my pc don't respond i must handly reboot that's my problem my hardware configuration is set at optimal in the bios so i don't know what else i could do, cpu works rarely over 80% in pcsx2 for the ram i don't know but one time i start and close a game and pcsx2 use like 230mo of ram i go test again now and see what happen.
Is it happening with every game you try, or just a specific one? There are huge differences here...
Well i notice that it crash more quickly whith the frensh version of FF12, with the us version i can play often 10 -15 min sorry but my pc crash again just after i load FF12, i also notice that with the stock value the game and my pc take more time to crash but at the end it crash anyway.
Maybe it's really to much for your PC... Or, try using different settings for the CPU... Change the graphics plugin if possible to confirm the crashes are not related to graphics...
i'don't see why it will be too much i'don't have the best pc in the world but it is quiet good for all my other app and game. ok go try change plugin and cpu setting
I meant maybe with your current plugin and other settings it just tries to squeeze to much out of your computer... Or you've made a mistake somewhere (wrong CPU settings used, wrong graphics plugin, if you use GSdx, there are 3 versions etc.)... You'll just have to experiment a little bit, I'm sure you'll find a setting that will work far better than your current one...
well well, i think i found what was the problem , i use deamon tool lite to open my iso file then i use a plugin to read the virtual disk drive of daemon tools, after testing many various graf plugin and cpu setting and couldn t solve the problem i check the drive plugin and and i open my iso directly with pcsx2 plugin the game start i played like 15min them save change some graph plugin set as hight it posible and try another 10 minute no crash first time that work so well for me, i will try to run the game with my OC profile and see if is good i really hope that i solved my problem, oh and i must see the official configuration tip of pcsx2 see if the probleme is known cause if not this should be add. anyway thanks for all advice this help me to search a little more the plugin configuration. ( i hope that people could understand what i'm writting i learn english with movies and music so i apologise for all my mistakes Smile )
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