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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
(03-28-2017, 08:19 PM)arapapa Wrote: NTSC-K

The Block Hyper


Simple 2000 Series Vol. 100 - The Otoko Tachi no Kijuu Houza
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 102 - The Fuhyou - Senjou no Inu Tachi
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 106 - The Block Kuzushi Quest - Dragon Kingdom
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 107 - The Honoo no Kakutou Banchou
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 108 - The Nippon Tokushubutai
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 109 - The Taxi 2
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 111 - The Itadaki Raider
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 112 - The Tousou Highway 2 - Road Warrior 2050


Covert Command
Hard Knock High
Special Forces

Fantastic! any chance with the game Simple 2000 Series Vol. 78: The Uchuu Daisensou?
The PAL version is called Space War Attack.

Best regards.

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(Yesterday, 01:00 AM)Chocostrange Wrote: Hi guys, I hope I'm in the right place... I guess I am haha.
Well, I'm french, so I play Kingdom Hearts 1 in french version ( it's different from the " regular " PAL version with english dub ).

There's a widescreen patch for this regular version, and also for the NTSC and for Final Mix, but this patch is nowhere to be seen for my version... So I have to play the game in 4:3, ans it's pretty bad, especially after played KH2FM ( french patched ) in 16:9.

I really don't understand the tutorial to convert widescreen patch... I'm really, really sorry to ask this, but is there someone who would be nice enough to create the patch for me ? Thank you.
The serial number of the french version is : SCES-50968
The CRC is probably F6DC728D, as is it wrote.

Sorry for my bad english...

There's already a patch in my archive for F6DC728D?

Simple 2000 Series Vol. 78 - The Uchuu Daisensou


Space War Attack

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widescreen requests PAL Made Man
(Yesterday, 03:31 PM)arapapa Wrote: NTSC-J

Simple 2000 Series Vol. 78 - The Uchuu Daisensou


Space War Attack

Thank you very much Arapapa Smile

From long time ago i have found some values for some games of the Simple 2000 Series, maybe you can
complete the patches with the missing ones:

- Simple 2000 Series Vol 73: The Saiyuki Saruden [NTSC-J] (SLPM-62588) CRC: F6EA27E9

Needs render fix

//Gameplay 16:9
patch=1,EE,001BE4E4,word,3C013F40 //00000000
patch=1,EE,001BE4E8,word,44810000 //00000000
patch=1,EE,001BE4F0,word,4600C602 //00000000

- Simple 2000 Series Vol. 110: The Toubou Prisoner [NTSC-J] (SLPS-20480) CRC: 59F069FE

Needs render fix

//Gameplay 16:9
patch=1,EE,001eaba4,word,3c013f40 //00000000
patch=1,EE,001eaba8,word,44810000 //00000000
patch=1,EE,001eabb0,word,4600c602 //00000000

- Simple 2000 Series Vol. 56: The Survival Game [NTSC-J] (SLPM-62504) CRC: 2F65DD7C

Needs find a Zoom

patch=1,EE,0018f488,word,3c013f8b //3c013f80 Y-FOV

- Simple 2000 Ultimate Vol. 2: Edit Racing [NTSC-J] (SLPM-65107) CRC: CAFCF796

I found this two values, in both cases is needed an Y-FOV, and in the case of the Zoom also a render fix.

patch=1,EE,001081cc,word,3c013fAB //3c013f80 This is an X-FOV, but the Y-FOV part not works, with this value is not needed render fix.
patch=1,EE,00213d94,word,3c013f40 //3c013f80 Zoom which needs render fix.

Best regards.

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