30fps codes?
Hi all,

I am trying to find a 30fps code for Phase Paradox (SCPS-15005). The game natively runs at 60fps in all instances (menu, ingame, cutscenes), and I am trying to find the memory address that handles framelimiting. So far I've had no luck. I tried changing all instances of value 1 to value 2 (looking at the 60fps codes forum and trying to reverse the process) and it didn't lead to anything. I also attempted to look into the debugger but I'm not too savvy with it.

This is mainly to allow a boost in performance for games that have trouble, mostly games that natively run at 60fps. I've found a code to disable the shadows which boosted performance on my laptop around 10%, but I think a locked 30fps code would help tremendously. Any tips/help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Games internal speed is 25fps for PAL and 30fps for NTSC
That 60fps is the refresh rate and if you lower it the game will run slower.
I'm essentially wanting to do the opposite of this: https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-60-fps-codes

For game that natively runs at 60fps, I want change the framerate limit (or lack thereof) of the game via code to 30fps internally.
There is no PS2 games that "natively" run at 50\60fps...they all run at 25\30 PC style fps at 50\60fps refresh rate.
Those 60fps patches make the internal speed go to 60fps,not the refresh rate

If you actually find what you are looking for,it will make it run like playing a pc game at 15fps for NTSC and 12.5 for PAL and of course the audio will not run properly
Not quite sure what you mean. I know all games have a refresh rate of 60Hz. I am stating that this game runs 60fps internally, and AFAIK a lot of PS2 games run in 60fps internally, such as MGS2 and GT3/4.

I am trying to get this game, Phase Paradox, which internally runs at 60fps to run internally at 30fps. You're saying these games are not running internally at 60fps?
The internal speed and the refresh rate(not your screen refresh rate)are two different things
The FPS in PS2 is not the same things as the FPS on PC games
Those patches are making the game to run at 60fps internal speed

If it was the same,then why running a pc game at 30fps don't look\sound as 30fps on pcsx2.

At 30fps internal on the PS2,you see 30 frames but each one of them is displayed twice and at 60fps internal,each frame is displayed once which makes it look twice as smooth.

If you achieve what you are asking for,the game will look really choppy,like plating pc game at 15fps

Set the frame skipping to 1 and 1 and you will kinda achieve what you are asking for
This game HAS 60fps internal and I am trying to make it 30fps internal. I want to make the game produce 30 frames per second and display each frame twice every to make it 30fps internal INSTEAD of its 60fps internal that displays 2x the amount of frames. Essentially its reversing the process of taking a 30fps internal game displaying each frame twice and changing it to 60fps internal displaying each frame once.

Do you understand? I am not talking about Hz/refresh rate at all and I know they are separate.
If I understand you correctly, you want to reduce the frame rate internally in this game because you are having performance issues running the game at the normal 60 FPS. Is that right?

I think it's harder to find codes that change the frame rate to a lower frame rate in games that run natively at 60 FPS because there may not be a frame limit whatsoever to find in memory and change in a game that runs at 60 FPS. For games that are locked at a lower frame rate, you might be able to find instances of value 1 or value 2 because those codes were put in there by the developer to lock it a lower frame rate. But for games that run at 60 FPS already there likely wouldn't be such values in memory that control frame rate because the game was released without any such limits.

What kind of performance issues are you having running this game Phase Paradox on PCSX2? If it's not maintaining a constant 60 FPS, if it's struggling at somewhere around to 35-40 FPS then maybe you don't have a good enough graphics card or processor to run this game properly.

I would just say if a PS2 game runs natively at 60 FPS I wouldn't even try to lower the frame rate. The goal should be to make all games run at 60 FPS. That said, there are some PS2 games that run natively at 60 FPS that have game speeds that are too fast and would benefit from codes that can be found in memory that slow down the game speed (while maintaining 60 FPS), though these kind of codes can be very hard to find.

A lot of these terms can be confusing because frame rate could mean different things. Frame rate could mean like the actual game's internal frame rate or it could mean the frame rate that PCSX2 indicates a game is running at. (2 different things) PCSX2 could say a game is running at 60 FPS but the game might only be running at 30 FPS internally.

What we seek as gamers is smoothness and a lack of choppy graphics as you move. A game running at a lower frame rate could make control feel sluggish since it's hindered by frame rate lag. However you can achieve that smoothness of control and movement that we all crave in a game is the ultimate goal. If a game that runs natively at 60 FPS isn't able to maintain that 60 FPS through PCSX2 then you probably need to get a better machine to run that game properly or maybe you need to adjust your GSdx internal resolution or something.
Exactly! At least you understand what I'm saying. The other guy talked like he knew stuff but was pretty clueless. Yeah, this game seems to run at 60 frames in all instances (main menu, cutscenes, gameplay), so finding a framelimiter would probably not work. I'm trying to make this game run better in ps2_netemu on ps3 rather than pcsx2, but if a code is found it would also help this emulator as well. Oh well.

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